Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding rings redux

I posted last month about not being able to wear my wedding rings, and ended with this:

"The upshot of it is, I feel less invisible to men without my rings. It’s a curious sensation, the resulting attention. Flattering, but also sort of surreal. On the whole, I’ll be glad when I can get my rings over that knuckle and wear them where they belong again."

A friend read that post and likened the rings to a force field, a metaphor I wish I'd thought of (thanks, Erin!).

Shortly after I wrote that post, I asked my hand therapist when she thought the swelling would have subsided and stabilized enough for it to be worth resizing my rings. They will surely need to be made larger, and by enough that stretching is not going to do it - I'll have to have gold added to both of them. Having just done that with my grandmother's opal ring to take it up 3 sizes, I know that will not be cheap, and this will be two rings, not one. So I don't want to pay to add gold and then pay to have some of it taken back out later. I'd rather wait till it settles at its new normal.

She told me it would probably be October. The next day, I asked the surgeon the same question and he said it could be a year from the accident (so, March). 

I decided I didn't want to do without my force field for that long. If nothing else, we will be going to Europe in August, and I don't feel comfortable traveling in a foreign country without rings (which is probably irrational, since Europeans are less like to wear wedding rings than Americans...)

My new pseudo-wedding rings.
So, I went to the jewelry store and got the finger measured to see what size ring I'd need to wear on it now. I then ordered a lovely blue topaz and sterling ring I've been coveting for a while on Etsy and a matching plain silver band in the current ring size. I figure once I get my rings resized, I'll have these made smaller and wear them on my right hand, in rotation with a couple other rings I wear there now.

The rings came today, and I am thrilled. The stone is much more beautiful than it looks in the picture... So, thanks to Cavalier Creations, I now have my force field again! And I really think I need the pair of earrings that match.....

Post script: When Chris came home and saw the rings, he took my hand and said "With this ring I thee wed." Awwwwww... I think I'll keep him!

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