Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rapunzel's Portfolio

Rapunzel is applying to colleges, where she wants to study architecture. Unlike most other majors, you have to be accepted not only to a college or university, but also to the architecture program. That requires a portfolio of work. So for those who have asked and are not on Facebook, here is Rapunzel's portfolio...


A portrait of Gramma
A somewhat abstract self portrait,
taken in one of the glass doors at school.
Drawings (all pencil on paper)

The bulletin cover art for
our associate pastor's ordination
Othello (our late cat, and her favorite)
Another self-portrait,
from a photograph of herself at 16 months
Juliet, in pointillist style
(this was shown in the county school system
art show, and then hung on the school wall)
Squirrel in Fauvist style
(Fauvism uses unusual colors for things)
(for an assignment to paint 
the same subject
to convey two different moods)
Sculptures and Other 3-D Objects

Sailboat of shells
(found object sculpture)
Sailboat, from the other side
Seated couple embracing
Paper flowers
Paper flowers from another angle
Mobile of geometric shapes
A knitted case for her school laptop, of her own design;
the bulge on the front is a pocket for the mouse.
A paper collage of Othello

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