Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm stealing an idea from my niece, who does Furbaby Fridays on her blog. The post on motherhood that's in the works needs to percolate some more, so what better than to introduce my furbabies?

Here are all of them in a rare moment of detente on Rapunzel's lap. From left to right are Juliet, Harry, and Othello.

First up is Harry. He'll never be first in the household pecking order, so he might as well get to be first here. He is, in our humble opinion, the cutest dog in the known universe (but it's OK if you think yours is cuter - you gotta be partial to your own babies...) He's half beagle, half chihuahua, and all sweetie pie.

When he's not sleeping, he likes to help around the house. Say, by helping clean the dishes...

Then there is Juliet. She was a stray who was hanging around Rapunzel's afterschool pottery place. I walked in, took one look at her holding court on the studio's sofa, and knew she was ours.

She does have a bad case of chronic grumpy-face, but is really a very sweet girl.

Finally, there is Othello. He's my grumpy old man. He was also a rescue. We call him the attention hound, because he LOVES attention. (That's my brother giving him some...)

And last but not least, there is our dear departed Sebastian. He succumbed to throat cancer in January, but lives on in our hearts...

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